Our Story!

Our Story

Founder Aja Arnold, created Liv Collectiv formerly CanIliv (pronounced Can I Live), from necessity. A patient once suffering from several aliments, Arnold looked for alternative medicine to treat her diagnosis. She discovered cannabinoid-based remedies that were natural health aids.

Cannabis is more than a recreational stimulant. It has powerful health properties that are proven to improve quality of life for those with debilitating sicknesses.

Liv Collectiv is committed to creating awareness regarding the medicinal benefits of cannabis, while educating the public and combating misconceptions about the industry and its products.

Since Liv Collectiv’s inception, the company has aligned itself with compassion-based service, where we foster opportunities to give back to patients in need.

Our Values

Liv Collectiv, established in 2014, was founded on the principles of empathy and patient advocacy.

Empathy grounds our work. As we develop new products and enhance current offerings, we take a patient-first approach that encourages feedback and sources the latest groundbreaking research.

Patient advocacy is a prominent pillar. We are dedicated to upholding patient rights and providing equity and access. Liv Collectiv devotes resources to educating key stakeholders about the medicinal benefits of cannabinoid-based remedies.

Our Mission

As a cannabis and alternative medicine industry leader, we are committed to providing superior customer service and holistic products that support overall wellness, innovation, and sustainability.